Review on Eyesight Correction Operations

The surgical results experienced by the clinic’s staff members who have observed operations by eye doctors

  • Pain-free LASEK
    R -4.25 ▶ 1.0 L -4.50 ▶ 1.0
    Eye Consultant,Hae-yeong Noh
    Wearing soft lens for 8 years, I used to have dry, red, tired and sting eyes every evening. Contacts and glasses were uncomfortable to use, but out of fear I hesitated about having a surgery. Working as a consultant in the clinic, I had seen those who have shown satisfaction with the surgical results, and finally I received the surgery. The surgical time lapsed quickly as the director doctor talked to me during the surgery. Coming back to work on the 4th day after the surgery, I was really shocked to find my eyesight to improve to 1.0. As I can see well without wearing contacts, dry and congestion of my eyes have become much better.
  • Pain-free M LASEK
    R 0.05 ▶ 1.0 L 0.05 ▶ 1.0
    Optometrist,Chun-hee Lee
    I have worn glasses since I was in middle school, due to which my face has changed and exercising with glasses on was so uncomfortable. In case of contacts, they made my eyes dry and managing them was also troublesome. Trusting the clinic doctors’ surgical skills, I had a surgery, and now I can see well without glasses and contacts and exercise comfortably. I only regret why I didn’t receive earlier.
  • Pain-free M LASEK
    R -5.25 -0.75 * 60 ▶ 1.2 L -5.25 -0.75 * 145 ▶ 1.2
    Eye Consultant,Min-ju Suh
    As I had to wear lenses every single day, I suffered from eye troubles at least 3 or 4 times a week. Realizing that they were not for me, I decided to have a surgery. Although I knew the surgical procedure so well, I was still nervous on the day of operation. However, the clinic doctor’s kind explanation made me relaxed. I am really pleased with my improving eyesight and most of all, I am free from the worry about lens troubles. Whenever I have my sight checked, I always thank my doctor.
  • Green M LASEK
    R -5.25 -1.25 ▶ 1.0 L -5.50 -1.75 ▶ 1.0
    Nurse,Ji-hee Han
    I used wear glasses only at home and whenever I went out I wore soft lens. However, lens had always made my eyes severely ache and dry. The expense for getting disposable lens was too much, and taking shower with bare eyes was too uncomfortable. As a nurse, knowing many patients have been happy about results, I finally decided to have a surgery. Hearing about each step of the surgical procedures during the operation, I could have a better understanding about the surgical process without being nervous. The world after the surgery seems much brighter and more beautiful.

Operation Results Reviewed by Patients Overseas

  • Laser LASIK
    Tara Soh / 31 / Austrailia
    R -3.75 -0.25 ▶ 1.0
    L -12.00 -0.25 ▶ 1.0
  • Introcular Insertion
    Megan / 33 / USA
    R -11.25 -4.00 ▶ 1.0
    L -11.00 -4.00 ▶ 0.8
  • Pain-free LASEK
    Hayden Buck / 59 / Germany
    R -2.00 -1.00 ▶ 1.0
    L -2.00 -1.50 ▶ 1.0
  • Pain-free LASEK
    Bale / 33 / Canada
    R -1.25 ▶ 1.0
    L -1.00 -0.75 ▶ 1.0
  • Pain-free LASEK
    Taylor / 34 / Canada
    R -0.75 -3.75 ▶ 1.0
    L -1.00 -0.25 ▶ 1.0
  • Cataract
    Han, Min-Ok / 63 / New Zealand
    New Zealand
    R -3.75 -0.25 ▶ 1.0
    L -12.00 -0.25 ▶ 1.0
  • Cataract operation due to the unsuccessful operation at a different clinic
    Gan Miaozhen / 66 / China
    R +5.00 -1.75
    L +12.00